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Can I sell products that can not keep in your shop?
  • Our shop is a commercial site with instant delivery of the goods. Therefore, our service is absolutely forbidden to place as a good thing, but the product itself. In the goods you need to make it clear that after the buyer receives payment.

  • Unscrupulous customers buy my product and give it up for sale on their behalf dumped. How could that be avoided?
  • Always say their rights to the product. If this text, add user specify the conditions on which the product is, use-only format (such as PDF). If this schedule, use digital watermarks. If the program include a license agreement and copyright message. Lock your copyright in any way possible.

  • The buyer left negative feedback. Give that I do?
  • You need to contact the buyer, to try to resolve the conflict. If the buyer has stated in response that it is not satisfied, and, if the response contains obscene words and expressions tell the Administration Trade site.

  • How do I change my information specified in the registration?
  • Once registered, you are in a private office. The "Information", you can change the data.

  • Can I put the same product in several sections?
  • None. This can not be done.

  • Why, I can not withdraw money for the goods sold?
  • Money from the sales is the administration trading area. View your balance and to seek withdrawal you can in his office: "Payment".

  • The minimum amount for withdrawal determines administration.

  • I want you to download the file server is big. Is there a limit to the file size?
  • Restrictions on the size of the uploaded file exists. Maximum size for the moment:
  • 1 Мб
    What program can I sell in your store?
  • Only those on which you have a right to sell. This is not only in software but also any other product. If you want one again resell legally acquired goods, then put it in our store as PlN-cods.

  • Can I have myself to buy a product and leave positive feedback?
  • In this case, your actions will be seen as an attempt by scores rating, which will result in blocking your account.

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